Who We Are 

Established in 1995

Pleasant Travel & Tours, ARC & IATA approved Travel Agency is one the most trusted names in the Travel Industry; specializing in international and local deals. Our team researches, evaluates and tests thousands of deals to find those with true value. We recommend only deals whose accuracy and availability we can confirm. We love to share the joy of being one of the biggest consolidators of all major airlines around the globe in exploring the destinations. 

We have a potential team of renowned experts in Chicago, Houston and other parts of Asia who have always excelled in the travel and tourism industry working with the airlines and travel related companies coming up with reasonable and smartest ideas and information for the valued customers. Our focus is to facilitate the customers helping and planning in their journey by making it pleasant and enjoyable. Since we have over 30 years’ experience in the travel industry, we always endeavor to focus on sustainable bond with customers.

Customer loyalty always needs investment of time, technology, research and deep connections based on trust.  Our passion for travel shows through as we plan every trip as if it were our own. We are blessed that our diligent team members including Zubair, Shahzad, Asma, Samina and Hafeez always remain focused at our main office in Chicago striving towards our goals providing valuable support and guidance to customers fulfilling our objectives. 

Let’s keep working together towards success.

 Ali Khan CEO 


Making your travel journey hassle free.


Provide you the best possible price.