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Pursuing its core values as an internal compass of principles, Pleasant Travel keeps customers happy being responsive to their needs and wants. For years, we are able to put the spotlight on what should be done to solace our clients in creating a soothing environment towards their destinations. In this respect, we offer a variety of services ranging from Umrah, Hajj, tourism as well as travel insurance by taking care, being honest, offering options and delivering sincere value to them. Besides, the Incredible India, discovery of Istanbul, that happened to be Kingdom of Ottoman Empire, Paris, Saudi Arabia, Dubai are the places where have started the special services for travelers offering reasonable tickets, best accommodation, cruise service, cars, Eurorail, honeymoon and ski packages, Arabian adventures and many more.



A beautiful spiritual journey taken by every single Muslim to Mecca.

A sacred pilgrimage that is required of every Muslim at least once in their lifetime – it is one of the fifth pillars of Islam


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a good idea and makes sense if you want to protect the money travelling to remote areas with limited care facilities. The Pleasant Travel jointly with AIG Travel Guard has started the service with a range of coverage including trip cancellation, medical issues (accident and health related issues), baggage problems and many more.  

Travel insurance compensates you for money you lose due to unforeseen events before and during your trip.

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